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This game is a spin-off of Stomper - Reborn. Same mechanics, completely different game!


On a planet, far away from earth terraformers examined the rocky planet
and tried to make it habitable because earlier research showed that it is very earth-like.
After a few days, many terraformers suddenly died. The medteam could'nt say why.
Interviews with the still living personel showed that almost all of them had expressed extreme stress and anxiety.
They described it as if an unknown force slowly drained the life out of them.

Further examination found the planet covered with sphere-like objects.
These spheres turned out to have organic life, and shortly it was belived that these things were the source of the deaths.
The whole team decided to leave the planet to it's fate, except Steve Boxman,
a man stubborn enough wanting to show those things some manners.

Your objective is to install four datacores and power-up the atmoshere processing unit.

Early-access game, current version is v1.1.1a
(Screenshots and trailer may not properly represent the most current version)

The APU is not included in the demo.

One weapon, the 'box launcher' to either defeat the spheres, or be defeated.
More than 200 'tryup pods' to drain score for more tries or datacores.
More than 1000 spheres to blast into oblivion! Or follow the objective.
Knockable walls for your fun.

System requirements:

The game has been tested, and runs smoothly on:

CPU: core-i7 6700k 4.0 ghz
GPU: nvidia GTX770 2 gb
RAM: 16 gb ddr4

Should run on lower specs too. 

Memblock entertainment
AuthorMemblock entertainment
Made withUnity
Tagsatmosphere, box, FPS, Sandbox, Space, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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